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24 Sep, 2023

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Security & Software Development Life Cycle Demystified – CISSP Questions & 7 Stages Of SDLC

The 7 Phases Of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) Stage 1: Project Planning. … Stage 2: Gathering Requirements & Analysis. … Stage 3: Design. … Stage 4: Coding or Implementation. … Stage 5: Testing. … Stage 6: Deployment. … Stage 7: Maintenance. What is SDLC? Streamlined development relies on two things. One is a reliable […]

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Airtel Nigeria denies solar energy partnership with WATT Renewable Corporation

In response to recent media reports, Airtel Nigeria has denied involvement with WATT Renewable Corporation regarding a solar energy project. The telecommunications service provider said it had not awarded a nationwide contract to WATT for the delivery of over 32MW installed capacity of solar PV and storage across 600 cell sites in Nigeria, as previously stated in […]

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???????? 10 Ways To Use Vinegar …

Vinegar is a versatile household item that can be used in various ways, both for cleaning and cooking, among other purposes. Here are different ways to use vinegar: Hard-Boiled Eggs: Adding a splash of vinegar to the water when boiling eggs can make them easier to peel by preventing the egg whites from sticking to the […]

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Don’t Dull Song Lyrics by Wizkid –

Lyrics Ya e ya eSee you sitting in the corner (don’t dull)Wearing Dolce & Gabbana (don’t dull)Our boys don hammer (don’t dull)We wearing all Prada (don’t dull) See you sitting in the corner (don’t dull)Wearing Dolce & Gabbana (don’t dull)Our boys don hammer (don’t dull)We wearing all prada (don’t dull) See you sitting in the […]

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Why do Ethiopians eat Raw Meat ? Do White Cultures Eat Raw Meat ?

This popular dish among the Ethiopians is called “Tere siga”.The meat mostly comes from the cow and served with a powdered hot spice blend called mitmita,a hot dipping sauce called “awaze”, and senafich (mustard sauce). A famous theory behind Ethiopians taste for raw meat comes from the Abyssinian-Adal war in 1600.It is believed that Ethiopians […]