14 Jun, 2024
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America’s Dark Secrets – Imagine Obama kidnapped a Slave Teenage Girl when he was President for Sex in his Home ! Deadliest American Slavery President Thomas Jefferson

The Hidden Room Where Thomas Jefferson Kept A 14-Year-Old Girl A Founding Father who wrote the Declaration of Independence. A secret room in Jefferson’s famous home. A young slave who had 6 children in this room. Let’s dive into the secrets… Founding Father, Missing Girl In many ways, it is hard to imagine America as […]

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The First Rap Song

… Attributing the very first rap song gets a little tricky, as there were elements of rapping and spoken word poetry present in music before the official birth of hip-hop. However, here are some contenders for the title of “First Rap Song”: Officially Released & Popularized: “Rapper’s Delight” by The Sugarhill Gang (1979): This is […]

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Put am for Leda – Plastic Bag Environmental Crises Looms in Nigerian Cities as Harmattan Dries Up Everything

As the dry harmattan season takes hold in Nigeria, the country’s plastic bag pollution problem is set to worsen. The dry conditions exacerbate the challenges of managing plastic waste, as it becomes more difficult to collect and dispose of properly. This can lead to increased littering, clogging of drainage systems, and harmful impacts on wildlife. […]

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Customer Raises Alarm on OPAY Instagram Handle Claims Opay Defrauded him – Nigerians React !

chormy_nick  1d If you are using opay…better stop the earlier the better……once you start putting better money inside the account….they’ll start freezing it ….Opay froze my account for more thank one month now….I have done all the necessities they keep telling me 48 hours…if you are using opay….stop now the earlier the better…and as for […]

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WEEKLY HIGHLIGHTS 15 – 21 December LOCAL What Will People Say 15 Dec at 21:00 Madam 18 Dec at 20:00 Ekaw Danfo 19 Dec at 20:30 The Johnsons 19 Dec at 19:30 SPORT Premier League: Liverpool v Manchester United 17 Dec at 17:30 DP World Tour: AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open 15 – 17 Dec at […]