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OVIDEOS.NG – After watching one of my videos, a lady commented that she was disappointed in my ‘Igbotic’ accent.

After watching one of my videos, a lady commented that she was disappointed in my ‘Igbotic’ accent.
According to her, she had thought I was an intelligent man but after hearing my accent, she knew I was not.
I am Igbo, I was born and bred among Igbos, and I speak Igbo, but somehow, someone else judged my intelligence by my natural accent.
To her, I should speak like the Europeans, and if I can’t, that means I’m not intelligent.
Other people had expected me to speak better than I write, but I write better than I speak, because of this, they say that guy no too sabi anything sha.
Just like Anyim Vera, there are so many educated and extremely intelligent people who struggle to write well or speak fluently, especially in public.
Vera, whether she’s intelligent or not, does not deserve the public humiliation she got on the day of her celebration. I imagined what her children must have felt.
This is a woman who has shown very admirable determination in pursuit of academic, personal, and career growth. Imagine what the public humiliation did to her confidence. Close your eyes and imagine how she must have felt walking back to her seat. Imagine the shame, anger, and degree of self-doubt she must have endured leaving the Church with the discomforting eyes of other church members who must have mocked her under their ungodly breaths.
Nigerians and Africans should learn that the English Language is a borrowed language. I was not born with it. Vera was not born with it. You were not born with it. And if you learn how to speak and write it, even if it’s just a little, you should be praised not mocked.
Why should someone’s intelligence be measured by the person’s ability to speak a foreign language? It does not make sense to me.
I commend Nigerians for speaking up for Vera. Pastor Paul owes that woman a public apology. The entire Dunamis Church owes that woman a public apology.
If you say we should judge the woman harshly for not being able to defend what she studied, we should also judge the pastor for not being able to spiritually see that the woman was not lying.
The Church should be a place of peace, tolerance, and compassion, not a place for Demi-gods and mean men.
On another note, just like my boss, Dr. Charles Awuzie, I too will be willing to make a significant amount of monetary donation to Madam Vera. This is to say to her, keep doing whatever you can for your growth. Don’t let anyone talk you down.
Ebimobowei Ofoni Okumagbe
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