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Military Welcomes Sunday Igboho’s Offer To Combat Insecurity In South-West

The Nigerian Military High Command has expressed support for the pledge made by Yoruba activist, Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Sunday Igboho, to assist security agents in eradicating killer herdsmen from the forests of the South-West.
This statement was made by the Spokesman of the Defence Media Operations, Maj.-Gen. Edward Buba, who emphasized the collective effort required to combat the nation’s security challenges.

Maj.-Gen. Buba remarked, “I have not seen the video where he made that statement, but one thing I must say is that people and communities are always welcomed. If what he said is to make the situation better, he is welcomed, but if what he is saying is that we should disregard the armed forces of Nigeria, definitely, he is out of line because that is against Nigeria’s constitution.”

In a significant operational update, Maj.-Gen. Buba shared that in February 2024, the armed forces neutralized 974 terrorists, apprehended 621, and successfully rescued 466 kidnapped hostages. He expressed the military’s unwavering commitment to ending terrorism and insecurity across the country through decisive actions and strategic operations.

“For us, creating a safer environment for citizens translates to eliminating all threats hindering the safety and security of citizens. Troops conducted synchronised strikes between the ground and air forces on terrorist enclaves, killing a significant number of them. It is possible to say with significant certainty that these strikes have had a significant impact on the terrorists adversely,” Maj.-Gen. Buba stated.

He further elaborated on the armed forces’ dedication to national security interests, highlighting the notable achievements in various geo-political zones of the country throughout February. The military’s proactive and coordinated efforts underscore its determination to safeguard citizens and ensure the nation’s security.The post Military Welcomes Sunday Igboho’s Offer To Combat Insecurity In South-West appeared first on 9jabook.com Your Social News Shopping Network.

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