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Friends Food Fun… and Lots of Freedom on www.eats.ng

You can create a mouthwatering meal, without compromising on health or nutrition.

Enjoy gastronomic goodness that looks good, tastes great, and keeps your body in top shape.

Book a Class Now

Cooking for Every Occasion

Individual Classes

Enjoy a private cooking class with a qualified nutritionist – in your own kitchen!

Learn how to create healthy, delicious food for you and your whole family.

Group Classes

Bring your friends over for a fun-filled night of great food!

Together, you’ll cook up some cheerful memories – along with entree, mains and dessert.

Events & Classes

Team up for a taste of plant-based delights and connect over a meal.

Ideal for corporate events, birthdays and hen’s nights.

Food is for Sharing… Indulging… Nourishing

Choose from 5 delicious menus to tantalise your taste buds

100% plant-based, so our furry, feathered, and fishy friends

are not affected

Allergy-friendly, so nobody misses out

Learn the secrets of creating healthy and satisfying meals, from a qualified nutritionist

Nurture Your Friendships and Your Taste Buds
with a Boutique Cooking Class

This is the ultimate dinner party!
You get to socialise and learn new skills, we’ll bring all the ingredients and utensils.
Everyone cooks… and not a single person has to clean up.
Invite your foodie friends around to your kitchen, and we’ll do the rest.
Turn on the music, clink your glasses, and get ready to enjoy a memorable meal.

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