Alexa – Jeff Bezos Loses 10Billion Dollars As Thousands Of Amazon Staff lose Jobs !  Who Invented Alexa ?
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Alexa – Jeff Bezos Loses 10Billion Dollars As Thousands Of Amazon Staff lose Jobs ! Who Invented Alexa ?

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The tech giant’s flawed business model for its popular smart devices has cost the company a fortune and thousands of jobs

Ask a silly question: Amazon’s loss-making Echo Dot. Photograph: Samuel Gibbs/The Guardian “Alexa, why are you such a loss-maker?” To which she calmly replied: “This might answer your question: mustard gas, also known as Lost, is manufactured by the United States.” At which point, I solemnly thanked her, pulled the power cable and returned her to the drawer, where she will continue to gather dust until I can think of an ecologically responsible way of recycling her.

I bought the device on 5 December 2016 (on the basis that one shouldn’t pontificate on kit that one hasn’t purchased oneself) and wrote about it in January 2017. Rereading that column now reveals that I thought the device’s arrival represented a significant moment in the evolution of surveillance capitalism. Why? Because its target market was the home, which was, as the veteran tech analyst Ben Thompson observed at the time, “the one place in the entire world where smartphones were not necessarily the most convenient device, or touch the easiest input method: more often than not your smartphone is charging and talking to a device doesn’t carry the social baggage it might elsewhere”.
John Naughton Intro from his Article Alexa, how did Amazon’s voice assistant rack up a $10bn loss?

A Frustrated Jeff Bezos Once Told Alexa to ‘Shoot Yourself’: New Book

When did Jeff Bezos invent Alexa?
Brad Stone: “The idea for Alexa comes from Bezos, late 2010, and he is looking for a way to take advantage of Amazon’s advantage in the cloud.


Amazon’s Alexa has taken the world, including India, by storm since its release in 2014. From commanding it to play music to control your smart appliances, Alexa is the next gen technology that is poised to make one’s life simpler. While the fanfare for Alexa is quite obvious and noticeable, did you know that Alexa has a very strong Indian connection? Alexa was created by Rohit Prasad, along with colleague Tony Reid.

The First alexa
December 9, 2021

Jeff Bezos has announced the shutdown of Alexa after a significant drop in use. It started back in 1996 as a platform to rank the world’s most popular websites and help growing sites with SEO searches and competitor analysis. It’s now considered obsolete as the services have severely declined

Tho will be shut down Bezos plans to keep other Alexa services alive and well. was used by many for analytics and to help promote their own websites. What will this mean for users?

It means you’ll have to move to another site that offers some of the same services. Google, is the number one site not just for searching but for analytic studies as well. in frica Try the search engine

With this change, many are worried that the Amazon Alea used in homes all around the world and country will be shut off as well. Trust us when we say you won’t have to worry about that. The Amazon Alexa is still one of the most used devices in everyday homes and continues to grow.

Tho there is no statement from Jeff Bezos the Amazon team announced its last day will be May 1, 2022, as to celebrate its 26th year on the internet. Tho Jeff Bezos didn’t release a statement it’s clear he’s upset over the decline and focusing on its bigger and better projects.

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One of the best examples of Alexa’s smartness is its use in India. In an interview with Times of India, Prasad said that here people ask questions like “weather kya hai”. Additionally there are different languages and even varied dictions. He added that Alexa tackles all this very effectively today. He acknowledged that he is very happy with Alexa’s Indian accent that does not sound funny at all.

However, in India there is a unique problem. Indians have a habit of saying ‘achcha’, which sounds like Alexa to it and it wakes up. Prasad says that they have taken steps to differentiate the two for Alexa.

Who is the voice of Alexa?

Nina Rolle, a Boulder, Colorado-based voice actress and singer, has been revealed as the voice of Alexa in a new book.

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