Toxic Ronaldo ? Great Lessons For Great Men ! Who is the Best Footballer in the World Now ?

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honestly i cant believe this is the guy that on his comeback match TO MANU scored GOALS !
Who is The best Footballer in the World Now ?
Definitely not Ronaldo not even Messi
It is Mbappe ! NO ! The Who ?
and PS The Glazers dont have to like Football . Like us all They LOVE MONEY more 🙂

Not my GOAT: Man Utd reaction to Ronaldo fallout


The Fans Made Him a God Now They want to know why !


It’s never a dull day in the life of Cristiano Ronaldo as the Manchester United star got social media buzzing after news that he has been dropped from the first-team following his refusal to come on as a substitute against Tottenham.

Ronaldo left Old Trafford during United’s 2-0 win over Tottenham and the club have since released a statement confirming that the 37-year-old would not feature in their upcoming game against Chelsea.

With boss Erik ten Hag taking a strong stance and also exiling the club legend from first team training, United supporters were certainly opinionated over the developments.

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Most fans admitted that Ronaldo had disrespected the United, with many insisting that no player was bigger than the club and that the had ‘tanked his legacy’.

However, the Portuguese icon still evidently has his supporters, with some still critical of Ten Hag’s ‘disrespect’ of a hero at United and one fan claiming Ronaldo ‘should have walked down the tunnel way before.’

The majority of the reaction, however, was disappointment in Ronaldo, with one fan admitting that he ‘could not stand his favourite player anymore’.

WHO NEEDS RONNIE?: United officially better off without Ronaldo

’Finally a manager with balls!’: United fans praise Ten Hag
While most the focus has been on Ronaldo, there was plenty of credit given to Ten Hag for his handling of the situation, with some supporters saying his reaction was ‘prime Sir Alex Ferguson’.

Other fans wanted to focus on Ten Hag’s ‘perfect win’ over Tottenham, with supporters frustrated that Ronaldo’s antics took the shine off ‘our best performance of the season’.

Rival fans also couldn’t help but poke fun of the player’s legacy being in tatters, with some pointing out that ‘Lionel Messi would never’, while Chelsea supporters were ‘devastated’ that Ronaldo wouldn’t play against them.

Others also pointed out the similarities in the situation with Mikel Arteta and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang at Arsenal, with the Gunners eventually coming out on top, perhaps signifying that Ten Hag was right to come down hard on Ronaldo.

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